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A definition of WATSU®

WATSU® is an aquatic bodywork that incorporates principles of Zen Shiatsu in warm water. It frees the spine and tension in joints to give you deep relaxation and a state of meditation. WATSU® massage therapy reduces stress, pain, and enhances range of motion, digestion, sleep patterns, flexibility, strength and breathing patterns.

WATSU® History

Harold Dull (born 1935) is an American aquatic bodyworker and poet best known as the creator of Watsu, originally developed in the early 1980s at Harbin Hot Springs, California. He is also known for his poetry, as founder of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA), and as creator of Tantsu and Tantsuyoga. Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork in which a practitioner or therapist gently cradles, moves, stretches, and massages a receiver in chest-deep warm water for deep relaxation and aquatic therapy.

Rhoda Woodard, WATSU® Practitioner

My journey as a holistic healer has taken me through a nursing career, practicing as a massage therapist, and full circle back to my beginnings in warm water as a WATSU® Practitioner based in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

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Imagine yourself relaxing in a quiet private oasis with the sounds of water falls and nature all around you as you relax in the caring arms of the WATSU® Practitioner, allowing all your stress, pain, and tension to melt away in the warm currents of water therapy. You are oblivious to everything except for your own self-healing experience.

WATSU® sessions are only $75!